This is a list of conversations Chenso Taino has either with the player or someone/something else.

Player Edit


(New Year Event 2017) Chenso: Wow! 2017 is already here! 2016 went very quick! Just thought I'd throw this train wreck together, no criticizing! By the way, I really need to use the bathroom...

Previous MessagesEdit

(Winter Event 2016) Chenso:'s chilly! I really like it though! I was born in October, so I got to experience this very soon!

(Birthday Event 2016) Chenso: Now that Halloween's finally over, I can show you my true colors! I was born in Taiwan, but moved to Japan!

(Halloween Event 2016) Chenso: Hi! I'm Chenso Taino, and I'm dressed up as Marisa from School Girls for Halloween! I love this chainsaw she uses to kill...I....shouldn't spoil it!


Phone CallEdit

Chenso: Hello- Wait, MOM?! Don't call me at school!

Mom: Sorry sweetie! But I just wanted to ask, ogenkidesuka?

Chenso: Not good. I feel uncomfortable. But, don't speak in Japanese, no one speaks it here, even though it's a Japanese private school.

Mom: Oh....Well, that's fine. See you later. And do well! It's nice you're studying the school.

Chenso: Well, I like this place! Bye! (Mom, seriously don't call me again!)