This is a list of conversations Sotsu Gyosei has either with the player or someone/something else.

Player Edit


Sotsu: ...

Previous MessagesEdit

Sotsu: Ryoba was a pain....WHO ARE YOU?! Ryoba's daughter....I see....Hi, I'm Sotsu Gyosei. A former student at Akademi. Pleasure to meet you.

Computer Call Edit

Sotsu: Hello?

???: Sotsu? Where's Ryoba? Is she still attending Akademi?

Sotsu: Well....not exactly. You see, Ryoba's daughter is attending the scho-

???: Her daughter? You got her name?

Sotsu: Ayano....Aishi.

???: Married....I see. Have you found any records of Ryoba anywhere?

Sotsu: Well, Ayano has the same lovesick personality for Senpais. That's all I could say, my maiden.

???: I see...but don't call me a maiden. I can kill anyone if I want. Anyway, we're meeting up 7 PM at the usual place. See you.

Sotsu: Okay. (Ayano, your mother was the bane of my existence! If Ryoba isn't available, I guess you'll have to do!)